Frequently asked questions

Died person, what to do?

Depending on the reasons for the death of a person (sudden death), we can leave immediately. However, if a person has died before an ambulance arrives, it is necessary to have documents from the ambulance about the biological death of a person. In case a person was sick, a deceased passport and hospital extracts are needed.

What if the person died in the hospital?

If there is a document (medical certificate) on ascertaining the fact of death, we provide the possibility of transporting the deceased person to the morgue, if necessary for the client. In case there is no such certificate, the relatives write a refusal of the section (autopsy), if necessary.

What if the person died abroad?

Our funeral home provides transportation of the deceased for further burial or cremation, both outside and within the country:

  • By truck
  • Railway transport
  • By air transport

How much do funerals cost?

The prices for the services of our funeral home office depend on the wishes and / or the possibility of the client. The price policy also depends on the model of the coffin, ceremonies, extras. Transport for the mourners, floristics and other related services.

Do you offer social packages, budgetary options for burial, cremation?

The funeral agency “Dievs Svētī” will try to provide you with the best opportunities based on your capabilities and wishes. Contact us by phone +371 67 501 858 | +371 29 230 114 (24 hours a day) so that we can discuss all the details and individual moments.

Do you offer loan options to purchase your ritual services?

Of course, our funeral home provides full credit for the full range of services with a grace period of 6 months to 3 years.

Contact us by phone +371 67 501 858 | +371 29 230 114 (24 hours a day) for more information, or come directly to our office in Riga at Miera iela 27.

Is it possible to transport the deceased person to another country for burial?

Да, мы предоставляем транспортировку умершего и оформляем полный перечень документов связанный с перевозкой.

Can you order a monument, other accessories (a fence, a bench, etc.)?

We are responsible for completing the entire list of works and devices – including the installation of monuments and tombstones. Also we can order additional, related materials (fence, benches, etc.)

Do you offer discounts to pensioners, the poor, etc.?

For this category we have developed a special offer. Contact us by phone: +371 67 501 858 | +371 29 230 114 (24 hours a day) and we will try to find the best offer for your situation.

What burial options do you offer?

We offer several options for burial of the deceased. The main ones are:

  • Cremation
  • Exhumation
  • Reburial (eg, transportation to another country),
  • According to the rite of all known religions and confessions
  • We provide the possibility of burial in a private cemetery

Contact us by phone for more information: +371 67 501 858 | +371 29 230 114 (24 hours)

What is needed and how to call a ritual agent?

An agent is needed if you need help and advice in organizing funerals. We add that, if desired, the agent can leave for the house, if it is problematic for a customer to leave the house, it is difficult to reach us.

Call a ritual agent you can contact by phone +371 67 501 858 | +371 29 230 114 (24 hours a day).

How do I get a death certificate myself?

In order to independently obtain a certificate of death of the deceased, you must:

  • Contact the family doctor who observed the deceased during life and
  • If death occurred in a hospital, then such a certificate can be obtained at the department or in a hospital morgue
  • If the case is judicial – such a certificate may be issued by a forensic expert in the morgue.

What benefits and benefits do I have under the law?

According to the law, benefits are levied in the following categories:

  • pensioner – a funeral allowance in the amount of 2 pensions
  • working pensioner – after-tax benefit after 6 months
  • if simultaneously not working and needy pensioner – a one-time payment through social. Service

What discounts and special offers does your ritual agency offer?

We constantly try to meet our customers and offer a variety of discount offers and benefits based on the needs and position of the client. Contact us by phone +371 67 501 858 | +371 29 230 114 (24 hours a day) and we will definitely offer you the most advantageous option for your situation

What documents should I provide to receive benefits and discounts?

Please contact the phones listed in the contacts section. We will answer all your questions

Do you offer memorial meal organisation?

Oh sure. Our office offers a variety of options for funeral dinners (wake), depending on the geographical desires and capabilities of customers. Those. Wake-ups can be held both at the place of residence, so in case the client wishes that it was not far from the cemetery where the funeral of the deceased was held.

What is the minimum cost of funeral meals?

The minimum cost of the wake is from 15 euros, however we suggest you contact us directly or by phone +371 67 501 858 | +371 29 230 114 (24 hours a day) so that we can pick up the individual price for your wishes and possibilities.

How to choose a coffin?

The coffin is selected based on the physique of the deceased, and on the aesthetic wishes of the clients – ie. We can choose for you a certain type of wood, the fabric with which the coffin will be covered.

What nuances should I take into consideration when choosing a coffin?

When choosing a coffin, you should keep in mind:

  • material structure <
  • Reliability (eg handles that are often only decorative)

In our case, we offer:

  • the opportunity to view coffin variants in person in our showroom
  • the ability to replace a previously selected coffin with another in the same price category

Naturally, we give quality guarantee to the products we buy from us.

What is the minimum price of a coffin?

Prices depend on wood species, availability of accessories, selected fabric and other factors. Come to us or contact us by phone: +371 67 501 858 | +371 29 230 114 (24 hours a day), and we will advise you the best option.

Can you order a monument, other small ritual supplies?

Yes, of course!